Informationization Becomes Core Competence in Industry

I think, not under the banner of the fusion of two new bottled old wine, or do the same old story, there should be a new thinking and methods. Countries have put the “two of fusion” positioning in establishing new industry system, constructing the new industrial ability,China mobile crushers promotes the new industry of the quality of the strategic height. Therefore, “Stone crusher two of fusion” is the fundamental transformation of manufacturing industry, and only by “two of fusion”, to establish the modern industry structure, forms a complete industrial product system, to set up the new industrial facilities. As the electronic commerce the latter of the field, su ning electric equipment of the bottom spirit or from behind the powerful logistics system support, in “to the logistics the world” as the e-commerce market, its are carried the advantage of logistics more prominent.Speaking of the enterprise Ball mills, the fusion of the two concrete goal is to establish a new industrial facilities.

For example, the establishment of digital workshop production lineOre flotation equipment, the digital means and machine tool combined, realize high automation and intelligent, the promotion enterprise’s industrial capacity; Will the information into the research and development system, will product definition, simulation analysis and experimental process integration for new development platform to realize distributed collaborative; Through the information system of support enterprise global marketing system. So, we want to information only heavy application from the past, change is to promote the enterprise information with the key success factors and core business ability, so as to support the implementation of enterprise development strategy. CIO to make software, built from network managers become of the enterprise business flow management, become enterprises to realize the integration of the two lead, to become the enterprise establish new industrial system the building’s architect, make the informationization becomes the new manufacturing the core competence of enterprises Classifiers.

China’s manufacturing industry transformation, and the key is to completely change the traditional Chinese manufacturing system structure Hammer crusher. Need we have advanced thinking, need our courage and daring. Those of you are engaged in manufacturing informatization of experts in the field of and practitioners. I hope in the transformation and upgrading of China’s new manufacturing process, information construction catch up with the trend of the industrial development.In “1025” period, China manufacturing industry in “two of fusion” process of, be sure to produce a new format Spiral classifier price, new development model. Hope you will be “two of fusion” concept through to the whole enterprise informationization, modernization and intelligence of new manufacturing enterprise, by the China manufacturing to China’s creation. E-commerce market shows everywhere. In the market again after the change, the former revolutionaries joined new battlefield. As the Chinese electrical appliances sale channel of the two giants, due to the rapid development of network and consumer buys the growing habit formation, su ning electric equipment (002024. SZ) and home electrical appliances (0493. HK) is also scrambling to grow their e-commerce business, march vigorous development but also the fierce competition in the online retail market. Su ning electric equipment is the chairman zhang said in the near east, electronic commerce is retail the rapid development of the new formats, su ning aspires to become the Internet and entity retail “always mix” electronic business enterprise model.Screw classifiers???Mobile crushers???Ore spiral classifier???

Dominate Your Target Market

Once you have all the guests that come to you naturally taken care of, then it’s time to go after some high concentration target markets.When you pay $500 for an ad in a business journal, you are competing with every other advertiser to get the reader’s attention. You’re nothing but a minnow in a great big sea.Don’t believe me? In small print offer a $100 bill for the first person who calls. You won’t get very many calls.How would you like to be the Donald Trump of restaurant and catering and dominate? It’s possible if you strategically pick targeted industries or groups and keep your name in front of them on a regular basis.The first step in dominating a market is to understand the pain or fear they could feel if things screw up or the positive outcome that they seek. These are referred to as hot buttons.

Everyone feels their problems and challenges are unique to them and their industry. Let’s face it, everyone fears paying for food that they don’t enjoy or if they are catering they fear running out of food. When you can show them you ‘speak’ their language you now become a specialist, not a generalist. Use your guarantee to help accomplish this.Brain surgeons make more than internists. Become a specialist. It’s easy. Interview some of your customers in a particular target market to understand their pain or desires and incorporate those hot buttons in all your letters to that target group. You will also want to get testimonials from others in that group. Wilson Property Management will think much more of you with a strong testimonial from Atlantic Property Management than with a testimonial from the local youth group.Your goal is to dominate your niches. The good news is you can dominate the whole city niche by niche.We dominate the church goers on Sunday, businessmen for lunch during the week and families with kids at night and weekends.

In catering we also dominate Office Catering, Doctors Office Catering, Weddings as well as large employer and retail store niches. Because we take the time to know these groups, we own the market.What niche are you going to dominate?1) Look At Your Customers and Identify Target Markets2) Build A List of All The Companies/People In That Niche (yes even social caterers can use this strategy – just make a list of all the people who throw big parties, How about organizations that throw social galas, you can dominate that market in no time too.) 3)Identify Your Target Market’s Hot Buttons 4)Get Testimonials From Your Guests/clients In Your Target Market 5)Customize/target letters and marketing pieces in the System, Incorporating Testimonials and Hot ButtonsOnce you see how powerful dominating a niche can be, you’ll go about dominating your marketplace niche by niche. You’ll find it cheaper than mass media.

Business Continuity Planning BCP – The Show Must Go On

Business Continuity Planning prepares an organization for the internal interruptions like power failure, technical problems – and external threats like natural calamities, supply chain problems and more.BCP ensure that your organization has the backup of both hard and soft assets to prevent or recover from a crisis situation. It allows you to continuously deliver your products or services even under adverse conditions.Vital steps of BCPExpect the UnexpectedYour business can get interrupted from a number of possible scenarios. Downtime resulting from natural calamities, like hurricane, fire or flood, or from internal issues like power outage, hardware failure, or any kind of human error, leads to decreased productivity and hence loss to the revenue.While a CEO develops his disaster recovery strategy in advance, he should consider all possible downtime and disaster scenarios and should chalk out preventive measures for each.For example, there should be a fire alarm system in the building along with sprinklers and other fire fighting equipments. There should be a timely checking and maintenance of the equipment to make sure they are working fine.Conduct a Business Impact AnalysisBusiness impact analysis will help you develop the action plan you need to follow at the time of any structural or natural disaster. It involves three steps:You should know about your key product and services that bring you highest these particular product and services, you should decide the duration you can stop delivering them.Identify your critical inputs so that you can continue to offer your products and services.

Educate Your Manpower About BCPBeing the CEO of the company, you should ensure all your employees are aware of Business Continuity Planning. They should know exactly how to act in any kind of crisis situation. For example, conduct regular training sessions on BCP for your employees. Organize fire drills on fortnightly or monthly basis to help your staff stay proactive.If you are running an IT company, maintain a reliable data storage system and encourage your staff to store the data in that system in order to prevent loss of data due to any technical problem.Plan to Keep Your Manpower, Systems, and Information interconnectedThe business continuity plans and strategies must cover information , systems hardware and software, manpower, and processes, operations and services along with their connectivity with each other. If the connectivity between workforce, and systems & data disrupts, there will be no business.As part of thought and planning process, you should look for the best strategy to manage critical systems and components during bad times.

Be Ready With Continuity StrategiesYou can continue to run your business effectively after disruption, if you give some forethought and develop efficient continuity strategies. These strategies may include:Review Your PlanThe needs of business keep on changing with the market. Review your business continuity plan every six months and make the necessary changes. Keep an extra copy of the plan at some other site.You can also seek assistance in developing business continuity planning at executive business coaching. At CEO coaching, you will get to meet like-minded professionals from non-competitive organization who will share their good and bad business experiences.Knowledge sharing at a CEO peer group will help you define your strategies in a better way so that the show goes on in any condition.

Pricing Strategy

While developing your pricing strategy, it is important to remember that there is an implicit relationship between price and value. We expect to pay more for gourmet food than for fast food and for a luxury car than for an economy model. At the same time, value is a matter of opinion, not fact.In order to get this information, you need to use a research tool that will give you the data in a clear, concise, objective manner. Because if you are researching eBay pricing and sell-through rate data by “eye-balling it” on eBay, you’re very likely going to miss something.Product line pricing strategies can be further complicated by competitive activity by product, not exclusively by line. If you have five competitors for one of your products in the line, and then only two competitors for the other products in the line, you might use a different price strategy for the product with lots of competition, than the other line products.The challenge for businesses with this strategy will come from having too many competitors in the market. If there are too many competitors, each with a full line of products in the varying stages of the product life cycle, buyers will find it difficult to make decisions based on quality or service or value for the price.For new product in a new market, the cost mark-up is the most popular method. There is no need to think about pricing at all, just simply add an amount of profit on top of the cost and that is the final price.

At first, the method may seem attractive but eventually the sellers will find out that their profit is not up to their expectation, and the customers are suspicious of the attractive price.Pricing your product or service is one of the most important issues that you need to tackle. You must be wondering as to what is the procedure to follow to develop the best pricing strategy for your company. While there is no particular approach that you must adopt, definitely, there are some important things that you should bear in mind while creating one.Other factors that affect your pricing strategy are the economics of your business. Depending on the current situation of your business’s performance, your mark-on has to ensure sufficient profits to sustain your business. Sometimes, to increase your sales volume, you can lower your mark-on to price selected merchandise.Today’s buyers prefer to waiting for the 1st price reduction before they come in – to see some flexibility on the part of the seller.

The bigger the “hair cut” the more assured the buyer feels about getting a deal. A steal, even! Exactly the same way one feels at the mall when a $400 jacket is on sale for 75% off!Businesses using market penetration pricing are usually trying to penetrate the market by growing their share of the market. They assume that the lowest price will win market share. Make sure that if you use this pricing strategy that you test your market, your price sensitivity and your price elasticity or in-elasticity first.This pricing strategy is also used in product line pricing. This strategy bundles, and usually packages, like products together to be priced as companions (for example, a mixer and a mixing bowl) and as captives (for example, pens that have to have a specific refill (not generic), razors that can only use a specific blade, etc.).

Services And Trends of Trade Service Solutions

Trade services are soon emerging as one of the crucial areas for research and policymaking in terms of the global trade scenario. A General Agreement of Trade-in-Service (GATS) was implemented back in 1995. However, it was only recently that there was the realization of close link ups between goods and service exports, and the development of an improved information system, that researchers have given greater significance to trade certain aspects for instance “Comparative Advantage” and “Trade Liberalization”.

However, since efficient research on this same lagged, the negotiations and policy analysis have to supplement whatever assessment can be gained on the service sector.An essential cause for the lack of systematized structured facts and data concerning services exports is due to the diverse nature of the industries that constitutes it. The World Trade Organization clearly defines 12 service industries, where every industry segment highlights a distinguished trait, measurement concerns and economic incidence. Furthermore, each service industry section has four trade modes in it and that trade in services comprise of imports and exports as well.Recently, there has been a rise in the trade servicesorganizations providing a shared data platform, over multiple vertical markets to enable the trading members interact with others and operate their regular business.

The features and functions of trade and service companies are built on this aspect. At the same time, constituents in every market need the appropriate business information on which certain time-sensitive and critical decisions depend. Essential information generally source from incongruent sources and hence, organizations need to come up with a procedure to efficiently interpret and manage it. Eminent trade in service enterprises specializes in the following sections:-These services help them in gaining a competitive advantage over the other market players.Recently, numerous service providers in trade services offering in the product and pricing data to the electrical industry have come with up innovative pricing solutions. To elucidate, solutions that offer an internet base user data system thereby providing end consumers and users with an advanced and detailed outlook on every manufacturer price as well as product developments in the future years. The admission to these systems in customized for every single distributor available via a secure username and password. To share few names would be the electrical pricingand copper pricing.

Using Social Media to Build Viral Customer Trust

As the Wall Street Journal reported recently, sixty-five percent of all U.S. adults now use social-networking sites, up from 61% a year ago and just 5% in 2005. This is no big surprise for those of us who use social media for business, but it does underline the fact that social media is here to stay and that we would all be wise to explore the uniquely personal customer interactions it makes possible.As a marketing tool, social media is invaluable. It’s free, millions of potential customers use it, and it’s designed for SEO. While this is also probably old news, what many business owners are failing to recognize is the potential social media has to affect a business’ reputation-and not always in a good way.Public interactions with customers happen every day online. On a business’ website, customers post comments or questions. On a forum, customers discuss a business’ products or services. But on a social network, those same sorts of customer comments reach a much wider audience-an audience of your customers, their friends and families and your competition.

Social networks are designed to encourage participation and conversation. This is wonderful for friends and families trying to keep in touch, but, if not managed carefully, it can become a huge problem for businesses.Many (maybe even most) businesses are built around customer service. Without solid customer care, a good business can go bad, and fast. Reputation has always mattered for business and now word-of-mouth is word-of-status-a single unhappy status update can do more damage than an in-person conversation ever could. On social networks social interaction isn’t just public, it’s virally public and in real time. Everyone sees a complaint when it appears and, more importantly, they see your response to that complaint. If you haven’t thought through your social networking etiquette, you might just post something you’ll regret.

The best way to handle this social animal is to develop an internal social media customer service policy. Discuss best practices with staff and quiz them on how to handle different sorts of customer feedback. Provide a script with a list of appropriate responses to some of your most common requests. Make sure to tell your staff when they can offer discounts or specials and remember the gum analogy: if you give it to one customer, you better be prepared to give it to the entire class.If you don’t feel that you can trust your staff to follow your strict social media customer service policy, you can easily restrict access to your company account so that only the best customer representatives can post. Remind them often that every single interaction has a large audience.The good side of all this is that you can quickly build an excellent online reputation by making the most of social media. Customers can tell when another customer is being unreasonable just as easily as you can, and that helps your case considerably. If you handle your social media interactions well, you will build a powerful network of trust. This network may be more robust than any traditional network you could hope to build. As our technology provides us with tools that blur the line between personal and public, we will all be well advised to think carefully about how we play the field.

Application of Analytics

In this article we will talk about some of the successful applications of analytics. We will start this week with 2 different examples which I was reading recently from a podcast of Accenture and then move to some of the other industrial examples.1. Harrah’s EntertainmentGary Loveman, CEO of Harrah’s, was presenting at an event and sitting in the front row were all of his competitors. He stood up, he showed slide after slide that showed precisely how they use their loyalty card, how they did the analysis, what kinds of metrics they looked at. And their competition was writing everything down.

Finally, after about an hour of this, someone raised their hand and said, “Dr. Loveman, doesn’t it bother you that your competitors are taking down every word you said?” He just looked quizzically at them for a minute and said, “No, not really, because by the time they figure out how to do what I just described to you, we will be so far ahead of them that they will never be able to catch up.”2. A. C. Milan: A professional football club based in Milan, Lombardy and one of the most successful organizations.3.

Financial Industry (Credit Card) – Marketing Analytics: .4. Progressive Insurance Industry (Motorcycle Insurance) – Pricing & Risk Analytics: .That is really what makes analytics a sustainable differentiating strategy for these companies. It is because it is not about a single insight; it is about a set of processes they have, a way of using data and incorporating it into their decision making, that really helps them transform their business. It makes them much more able to maneuver changing business conditions; it makes them much more likely to anticipate changes in customers and markets; and, most importantly, it allows them to come up with different scenarios and understand how they ought to react to these changing market conditions.