Dominate Your Target Market

Once you have all the guests that come to you naturally taken care of, then it’s time to go after some high concentration target markets.When you pay $500 for an ad in a business journal, you are competing with every other advertiser to get the reader’s attention. You’re nothing but a minnow in a great big sea.Don’t believe me? In small print offer a $100 bill for the first person who calls. You won’t get very many calls.How would you like to be the Donald Trump of restaurant and catering and dominate? It’s possible if you strategically pick targeted industries or groups and keep your name in front of them on a regular basis.The first step in dominating a market is to understand the pain or fear they could feel if things screw up or the positive outcome that they seek. These are referred to as hot buttons.

Everyone feels their problems and challenges are unique to them and their industry. Let’s face it, everyone fears paying for food that they don’t enjoy or if they are catering they fear running out of food. When you can show them you ‘speak’ their language you now become a specialist, not a generalist. Use your guarantee to help accomplish this.Brain surgeons make more than internists. Become a specialist. It’s easy. Interview some of your customers in a particular target market to understand their pain or desires and incorporate those hot buttons in all your letters to that target group. You will also want to get testimonials from others in that group. Wilson Property Management will think much more of you with a strong testimonial from Atlantic Property Management than with a testimonial from the local youth group.Your goal is to dominate your niches. The good news is you can dominate the whole city niche by niche.We dominate the church goers on Sunday, businessmen for lunch during the week and families with kids at night and weekends.

In catering we also dominate Office Catering, Doctors Office Catering, Weddings as well as large employer and retail store niches. Because we take the time to know these groups, we own the market.What niche are you going to dominate?1) Look At Your Customers and Identify Target Markets2) Build A List of All The Companies/People In That Niche (yes even social caterers can use this strategy – just make a list of all the people who throw big parties, How about organizations that throw social galas, you can dominate that market in no time too.) 3)Identify Your Target Market’s Hot Buttons 4)Get Testimonials From Your Guests/clients In Your Target Market 5)Customize/target letters and marketing pieces in the System, Incorporating Testimonials and Hot ButtonsOnce you see how powerful dominating a niche can be, you’ll go about dominating your marketplace niche by niche. You’ll find it cheaper than mass media.